Saturday, July 2, 2011

For get a boy, Kailash Singh never bath During 37 Years

Many cultures claimed that the boy is considered far more important than daughter. Therefore, many people do anything to get a boy.

One of them carried out by Kailash Singh, he was refused to bath for 37 years in order to get a boy. Just so you know, now he already had a seven children and all girls.

Kailash Singh never bath since he married in 1974. And his hair had been matted because it's never been cut and washed.

Kailash Singh
The 65-years man worked as a farmer and cattle breeder. He usually worked at his fields in near of Varanasi, a holy city in India which located in the banks of the Ganges. In that area, the average temperature reached 47 degrees celsius.

Kailash Singh always ignoring the neighbors talk. He just heard a religious teacher who said he would get a boy that would be his heir if he does not shower. The most miserable is certainly his family. They've tried various ways to the head of family in order to take him a shower.

His wife, Kalavati Devi, even had ever threatened to not go to sleep with him if he does not baths. However, Kalavati lose. He even gave her a seven daughters.

Smooth persuasion does not work, they finally tried to force him. They dragged Kailash Singh into a river. "However, he was struggled, then fled. We repeatedly forced him to shower, but he always escaped," said Kalavati Devi.

According to Pooja, the youngest daughter, her father's actions made him popular. "My friends at school so curious and want to meet my father. They always ask how he could live without does a bath throughout years," said the girl was 16 years.

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