Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Camel

Did you know that a camel can drink as much water as a third of it weight (about 130 liters) in just ten minutes and in once drink?

NICE SHARED - The camel can survive for up to eight days without eating or drinking at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. The camel also able to walk without a drink in a long time to find another water sources which will then be kept. The place of waters storage are located on a camel's hump. About 40 pounds of fat are also stored there. This makes a camel able walked in the desert for days without food or water.

If you walk in the desert, the biggest difficulty is the existence of a sandstorm. The wind of deserts that appear suddenly, usually a sign of the emergence of a sandstorm where the sand grains of it can be choking and blinding.

camel animated.gif
The camel as if specially designed for life in the wilderness. On its eyelids, it has a protection system to protect the eyes from dust and sand grains. More amazingly, the eyelids of the camel are also transparent. So the the camel still able to see even by eyes closed. The camel eyelashes which thick and long is also specially created to prevent entry of dust into the eyes. In the camel's nose also has a special design, ie when the sandstorm hit, camel cover its nose with a special lid.

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